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Devon Reiki

Reiki in Mid Devon

Reiki is a Japanese word representing universal life energy - the energy that is all around us.

A Reiki practitioner is a channel through which this energy can flow into the client, raising the client's own energy levels. Its purpose is to stimulate the natural healing forces within the body.

Reiki is safe, non-intrusive and non-manipulative. The traditional placement of hands on the key areas of the body allows the natural flow of healing energy, which helps maintain balance and harmony. If you are not comfortable with hands on, the energy can be projected. The client remains clothed at all times, and they can sit or lie on a couch however they feel most comfortable.

As a complementary therapy it can be used in conjunction with any other treatment you may be having. It does not interfere with or have to replace traditional medical treatment.

Reiki can be used as a preventative treatment, for this ancient therapy can bring great relief from the stress of everyday living. So don't wait till you have a complaint to experience the benefits of Reiki.
In these busy times it is important that you find quality time for yourself to enjoy life. Reiki has so much to offer!

The Benefits of Reiki

There are many benefits of Reiki; it can help people in many different ways with different complaints.
However some of the most common ways in which Reiki is used are listed below.

  • It reduces stress and tension
  • Aids relaxation and rest
  • Strengthens the body's own energy levels and immune system
  • Promotes health and well being
  • Relieves physical pain such as sports injuries
  • Deals with emotional trauma including depression



If this is not what you are looking for, see our other options for healing:

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